1. 17 Dec, 2019 1 commit
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      Updated capabilities of the find_file function · acb64a56
      StableCoder authored
      The function can now, if it doesn't find the file just by recursing
      up the directory structure, can now then attempt to find the file
      by using the 'find' program with the longest complete latter
      section of the given file path.
  5. 08 Dec, 2019 6 commits
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      Added some more comments to the script · 95a27999
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      Updated finding of files with non absolute paths · 5b2d4437
      StableCoder authored
      Many files listed in dependency files may have just relative paths based
      on where the compile command was called.
      If the file cannot be found immediately, the script now recurses back
      until it reaches the root directory, trying to find where the file is.
      If it can't be found, then the script errors out instead.
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      Added ability to simply export file lists · e65b1938
      StableCoder authored
      Both the used and unused dependencies can be sent to files through an
      argument switch.
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      Sped up the dependency gathering phase · 2206b867
      StableCoder authored
      Gathering all the dependency files and making them unique as they went
      into the USED_HEADERS variable was slowing down the script, due to the
      increasing search required.
      It is much faster to just add the filtered dependencies regardless, then remove
      duplicates after in another step instead.
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      Path arguments are filtered through realpath · 5e8400b5
      StableCoder authored
      As opposed to elsewhere in the lifetime, path arguments are filtered
      through during argument parsing.
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      Replaced absolute_path function with realpath · e28c6fb0
      StableCoder authored
      realpath is a unix tool that does the job of the ghetto absolute_path
      function, but does it properly everytime instead.
      THe issue with absolute_path was that it was failing to decipher
      relative paths that ended with `..`, as it misinterpret that as the
      basename instead of part of the directory name.
      For that generation of the TARGET_PATHS_GREP, modified each given item
      to go through realpath instead of being it given raw.
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